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Looking for Opinions

That’s right. The title itself is scary enough, but I really am looking for some insight/opinions/personal experiences for this one.

Recently, my younger brother left his career in the movie business to move down South. He had a “nervous breakdown” and experienced some obstacles that he just couldn’t overcome mentally. I think all of us at one point or another have experienced similar struggles.

Since he’s been here, though, he’s shown a complete lack of motivation to continue working. He’s gotten numerous jobs (Adidas retailer, Waffle House server, etc.) that would have provided exactly what he needed; a little bit of funding to pay rent and put some groceries in the house. ~side note: he lives with our mother so he doesn’t actually need to pay for much~

Each of the jobs he’s had so far, he’s quit after a week. He complains that it’s not what he wants to do, it’s demeaning, he wants a different job. Trust me, I get what he’s saying, but he doesn’t seem to understand that everyone’s gotta start somewhere. The only thing he ever says he really really wants to do is work at the “skate shop” so he can skateboard on his breaks and help people with their boards.

The problem now is his resume consists of one main job-type for a couple years of experience (movie-making industry) and everything else would just hinder him if he listed it because there’s no way an employer is going to hire someone that quit 3 jobs in 3 months.

He is only a couple years younger than me, but the work ethic differs entirely. We can chalk this up to mental health, family history, whatever people want to say. To me, this is just being lazy.

Has anyone else experienced or noticed this in the younger generation (let’s say low 20’s)? Is this the norm? Or is there truly something deeper behind the lack of drive I’m noticing and can it be fixed?

This is a long one, I know. It was written partly as a way to vent some frustrations but to whoever has some free time over the weekend might find it an interesting topic of discussion. I’m all ears (eyes).

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