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Leadership lessons from Last night's GOT Episode

Let’s be honest, last nights episode of Game of Thrones was epic in every sense of the word. As I was sitting there watching the episode, some key scenes stood out to me as great Leadership lessons.

  1. When Jon Snow showed Daenerys the carvings in the cave as proof of white walkers: As a leader its not enough to give direction and request things of other people, if you want people truly dedicated to your cause, you need to show them why they should follow your path. Gone are the days of Yes Men and Women, today’s employees are driven by purpose.

  2. In this same scene Daenerys shows a strong front as well. She says she will fight with Jon but not until he bends the knee. This is very important to me because in positions of power, females often tend to give in more than men do and seeing Daenerys not give up her cause and her stand while also acknowledging the other person’s valid point had me go all “Yeah! Girl Power”

  3. The next scene after this was Tyrion giving her the news about how her army is deserted with not much food. And in this moment Dany has had enough. She doesn’t want to listen to anyone anymore. This is a great show of leadership because she tried another person’s idea about how to approach this situation and it didn’t work so she wanted to do something else that could work. In leadership, sometimes you have to lead and sometimes you have to follow. You have to acknowledge a good plan when it’s good and if it doesn’t work out, then figure out how to proceed next.

  1. In this same stretch of scene, she asked Jon what he would do and she sincerely listened. She recognized that Jon could be a strong ally and wanted to make sure he understood that his opinions matter. She did listen to Jon and didn’t go to red keep, but instead went where Jamie’s army was with the Dothraki army and Drogon. Just because one of your followers/employees’ ideas failed doesn’t mean all of them have bad ideas. And sometimes you might take a part of idea as a leader and combine it with your idea to make a better plan

  1. When Jamie saw the Dothraki army pushing forward towards him, he didn’t run, even though he knew that his army had no chance against the brutality of the Dothraki army. At one point Bronn tells him to head to Kings Landing and he says that he is not a deserter and wont leave his men hanging. He stands by them and gives them the best direction he can. In life you aren’t always going to have even ground but it matters that you don’t throw your employees/followers under the bus.

  2. In the end, when most of his army is destroyed Jamie sees an opportunity to finish his opponent and he is smart enough to know that this has a lot of risk but it’s only chance that he can see, so he takes it. He charges towards Dany and Drogon. In life, as a leader sometimes you have to roll your sleeves up and do the dirty work. This doesn’t make you any less of a leader, but shows that you aren’t afraid to do anything and everything to get the job done.

These were the scenes that stood out to me, if I missed any other lessons, let me know.

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