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Jumping Ship

Not that long ago, I spoke about The perfect job, and how it doesn’t exist. You have to water the grass where you are if you want the grass to be green. But what happens when you have been watering the grass, trying to work things out, and it’s just not working. Maybe you have a black thumb, maybe it’s your manager who has the black thumb. Mental Health is a serious thing, and if a job or manager is compromising your sleep, it’s not worth it. Now, don’t go quitting the job, find another job first before quitting. Unless an unforeseen circumstance comes up where you have to leave your job without a choice, don’t leave it. The best time to look for a job if when you are employed if you can help it. I left my last job, to get my sleep back, not be physically threatened by my “manager”, and more. I didn’t quit though. I was going to suffer through it, because of the job-hopping stigma. Thankfully I was stolen away by an amazing company. If you are losing sleep or having anxiety attacks, your job isn’t worth it. There are other jobs out there. Honestly, no job is worth your mental sanity. I am not saying everyone should quit their jobs and find new ones. No, that’s not what I am saying. But if you have tried everything and are still coming up short, then it’s probably time to leave. However, no one can make this decision better than you. PS: If you need help, there is a lot of help available out there, just ask. If you are suffering from depression, you will not be considered weak for seeking out help.

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