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Job specific resumes!

Last article we talked about creating a master resume. This one we are going to talk about how to take that master resume and edit it for a specific job.

Your resume is a living document. It absolutely should be changed constantly.

You might say, Tejal, "How do I edit it the document, I am applying to 100s of positions every week?" The answer to this would be that you'd need a better job search strategy. But that's a different article.


For now let's talk about editing resume to match specific jobs.

You see a job on LinkedIn or Indeed or Monster (is that still a thing?) and click on the posting.

Next step is to take your resume we created from the last article and create a copy of this resume. You will save this as FirstName_LastName_CompanyName

Now the next step is to read the job description. I mean it. Read the job description. Ignore the fluff about the company and culture because they will only show rainbows and sunshine.

Read the duties and qualifications. That's what you need.

We'll look at an example: This is one for an Accountant

Duties: "you will create and maintain various reconciliations including weekly credit card purchases, subsidiary schedules, and perform regular audits for fixed assets and inventory."

Now you'll repeat this for the rest of the job description.

You will go line by line to see if the job duties on the posting are on the resume you have.

If they aren't you'll add those.(Note: You have to be honest. If you add these duties and you haven't done the work, this will come up in the interview process and you will be disqualified)

Make sure along with the duties, you have 3-5 accomplishments.

Accomplishments include things like:

  • If you saved the company money

  • If you generated revenue

  • Created a new process that saved yourself and others time.

Basically any tangible, measurable outcomes.

You will need to do this for any other job you apply for. You can also use jobscan.co to create a matching system if you want an automated process that will give you the same information quicker.

Note: I don't have an affiliation with Jobscan, i.e., they don't pay me for send you to their site.

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated!


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