I read this awesome thread on Quora the other day.  It basically said, how the manager hired this one candidate, gave him more money than he asked and helped him move across the country. But when he showed up, he didn’t look the way they remembered. But the new employee promised he was the same person.

His hair was out-of-place, his beard was untrimmed and more. This employee during training didn’t miss a beat. And went on the phones and still didn’t miss a beat. The manager sat down with the new employee to see how his move went and what really happened.

The employee explained how he didn’t have time to properly pack everything and wasn’t able to dress properly. But he promised to do so the next day.

The manager had initially feared that someone else had interviewed for this candidate. This got me thinking about how first impressions matter and how much value we put in it vs how much value do they truly hold.

If this manager would have gone with his first instinct, he would have probably fired this guy. But he didn’t, he gave the employee the benefit of doubt and lend an ear to listen to his side.

During hiring process, do we let our “first impressions” make decisions for us that might not be right? Seems like a knee jerk reaction.

I am not saying that you as a candidate or manager shouldn’t put your best foot forward, but empathy is a thing and you should still give people the benefit of doubt.

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