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I hate my job!

No, I don’t hate my job. I actually love my job and everything about it. I learn something new everyday. Which, honestly is what I live for. But so often I see people who hate their job, and want to quit before they even have another job. Listen, before you go and quit your job, take a deep breath. Do you have 3-6 months of expenses saved in your bank for your rainy day fund? No? Then don’t quit your job. There is an ethical issue here because you are basically doing yourself and your employer a disservice. However, they aren’t going to be better off with you quitting and them having to find someone new to replace you in a few weeks. You need to keep your job until you have another job. There are many ways to find a new job. The hiring process can be drawn out for weeks if not months. So let’s start with basics of finding a new job.

  1. Start with your resume. Here is the link to my last post where I talk about resume basics.

  2. Make a list of target companies that you would want to work for.

  3. Do some research on those companies and see if they have a role that fits what you want to do.

  4. You can also reach out to recruiters and have them help you. Reaching out to recruiters can cut your process in half. You won’t have to apply for the role. They will do all the initial leg work for you. They will reach out to different clients or the employers you want to work for and see if the employer has any interest.

  5. Interviewing – We all have personal days we can take. If you need to interview, take a personal day or a half day to interview.

Now while you are looking for a new job, DON’T do it on your current employer’s time. Do the applying and talking to the recruiters on your personal devices and on your breaks. It’s not fair to your current employer for you to use their resources to land a new job. No, no matter how bad your current work situation is. You have to go to sleep with that on your conscience. And trust me you don’t want to feel that you did wrong by someone. Searching for a job that you love can take a long time and you need to put food on your table and pay your bills. Plus, most employers will find you more attractive if you currently have a job. “Not right,” you might say but that is what is going on. My job is not only talk about what’s wrong and how we can improve it but also, how you as a candidate/employee can take advantage and work the system in your favor.

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