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I can do the job

As a recruiter, we often hear this statement. The next question that usually pops in our head is “have you done the job?” Our job is to be the bouncer so to speak. We are given a job requirement and the hiring manager goes, “find me the candidates that match these skills.” Most companies won’t pay an external recruiter to find people don’t fit the qualifications. Companies engage search firms for roles that they are having a hard time filling. Usually because of the skills that they are looking for are hard to find. When we present candidates who aren’t even remotely qualified for the job, not only do we lose our credibility but you also lose your chances of possibly getting hired. When you as the candidate are reaching out to a recruiter for a role that you aren’t qualified for, and the recruiter says “hey, you aren’t qualified for this role.” You shouldn’t keep going about how you can do the job. Of course you can do the job, most jobs can be done by most people. Can I be a neurosurgeon? You bet your paycheck I can. But it will take time, effort and training for me to be a neurosurgeon. The question would be, can you wait 10 years to get your brain examined by me? No, you probably can’t. You need the neurosurgeon now. So what are you going to do? You will find a neurosurgeon who can do the job right now and has been doing it for a while. Filling a job is the same way. Being a good recruiter is knowing what your clients want. When someone I talk to is not qualified, I let them know that. If they are persistent, I tell them to apply directly to the company and see where that takes them. 9 times out of 10 they are rejected by the company too. Companies don’t pay fees of external agencies to bring them candidates who aren’t even 75% of a match. They pay fees to find that Centaur who taught at Hogwarts. Not to find Professor Gilderoy Lockhart.

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