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How to leave your job!

Leaving a job can create various levels of emotions. Depending on how good of a relationship you have/had with your company.

You found a new job. YAY! Now what? What do you do? Let’s look at these steps.

  1. Set up a meeting with your immediate supervisor. That day, yes that very same day. Before your meeting, type out the resignation letter.

  2. Give an unemotional reason and have an objective conversation. This can be hard especially if you are leaving because you are unhappy. Do you need to give them constructive feedback? No, but you should.

  3. Create a transitioning plan. Maybe help them find someone else. Or you can train someone that’s currently working on your team on what you do.

  4. Ask your supervisor how you would like to communicate with the rest of the team about your exit. Your supervisor may have a plan or they might not. You can probably help them

There is a very real possibility that you might be asked to leave immediately when you give your notice. Depending on the company policy you might not get paid for the two week notice you gave. That’s situational.

But what you should do is ensure you are taking all the right steps. It’s not about how they react, you can’t control that. It’s about how you are going to exit. That’s how people will remember you.

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