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Good Boss!

I sit here writing, trembling in anxiety. I have made a mistake at my job. Not my first mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. I told my boss something without double-checking the fact first about a candidate. It turns out I was wrong and now we have told the client something that was inaccurate. Now what? I told him that it’s okay for him to throw me under the bus in front of the client and let them know I made a mistake. But that’s not his style and he won’t do that. I remember last time I made an error like this at a previous job. The CEO heard about it. It was scary. The nostalgia of it still gives me anxiety. My boss and the director came in and saved the day. Or as I like to call it, were my umbrella on what I am sure was fire-rain. I went to my current boss and owned up to my mistake. Some people will call me foolish for admitting my guilt. But they don’t know my boss like I do. He is about accountability. I can go and talk to him and admit my mistake without fear. Do I still have anxiety of losing my job? You bet I do, but that’s more my insecurities than his management style. I so often read articles about “good manager traits” or “traits that good leaders have” and I almost always  go “huh, they are talking about my boss.” They want my boss. All of this to say that I have an amazing boss that I wouldn’t leave for a billion dollars. I work for someone who understands that we are human and humans make mistakes. I work for someone who appreciates me and the work I bring to the table.

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