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It’s a real epidemic!

Okay, fine. I may be exaggerating. But with all the talk about being ghosted, you would think it’s worse than Ebola. It’s not. 

But there is a difference between ghosting and not getting back to you YET.  I was in India for 10 days. Soul searching and whatnot. Still haven’t found it. If you see it, please let me know.

But this meant, no cell phone communication. The only time I had internet access was when I was on someone’s hot-spot or wifi. Plus when I am on vacation, it means no work. That’s my one policy. I have an out of office, the notifications have been turned off. 

I got back to work today, and am still sorting through notifications. I saw a series of message from someone on LI. This person was upset that I had ghosted them. Which is not the case. I was on vacation. They were so upset, they blocked me. 

There is no OOO on LinkedIn. I couldn’t just put an OOO on my LI. If they had reached out to me via email, which is listed in the first email I sent them, they would have found out this. 

When’s a good time to know that you have been ghosted? There is no time line, but the general rule of thumb is about 15 days or more. There are also more ways to find out if you have been ghosted or the person just hasn’t gotten back to you yet. 

Contact multiple people within the organization via multiple outlets. Try to find out more before just assuming the worse. 

Don’t burn a bridge because of your assumption. Unless absolutely certain. 

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