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Following Up with Candidates

As a Recruiter, one of the best part of our job is delivering Good News and the worst part about our job is delivering Bad News. Both of these things are equally important. We know why delivering good news is important. But why would delivering bad news also be important? And how would you even do it? Delivering bad news can be a very uncomfortable scenario. You will feel awkward. You weren’t in the room when the decision was made. You weren’t there during the interview. You are essentially relaying 3rd person comments. It’s uncomfortable. So why should you have to do it? I don’t want you to do it because it is part of your job or it is required. If you are like me, you wont do it just because. You need to have a reason. Here are few for you.

  1. Because the candidate deserves to know what they did wrong. Take this opportunity to reflect with the candidate about what went wrong. What could have been done differently. This is a learning opportunity for both you and the candidate

  2. You are also growing yourself by having this difficult conversation? It takes guts and courage to have this conversation. Everyone can have a conversation that’s easy and joyful. Having a conversation with bad news requires a different set of skill-set that you will get better at.

And while you will get better at delivering bad news, it will never get easier. Your heart and stomach will sink every time you give bad news or when your candidate doesn’t get the job. But at the end of the day it will be worth it when you are able to give good news. When you grow new sets of muscles while giving bad news.

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