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Filter v. Detective

“I’m just not seeing it on this resume?”

Y’all… Let’s have a chat.

Once upon a time, the world of recruiting and hiring was different. We could post a position, wait for candidates to come, pick from the ones that did. Using their resumes as the filter for this process.

The resume “Filter” mentality isn’t the most effective way to source people. However, a few years ago, this did work. We had more candidates available for jobs.

Today, that’s not the case.

Today we have fewer candidates for jobs.

To operate in this same space requires a shift. A shift from the “Filter” recruiter to the “Detective” recruiter.

If a candidate meets part of your requirements, you need to get them on the phone. Ask the questions, just like a detective would unpack their story.

Putting all of your emphasis on a resume doesn’t work like it used to.

What if the person’s resume isn’t great? What if their LinkedIn profile isn’t updated because they are killing it in their current role and haven’t had a second to think of anything but?

Your BEST candidate for that role might be the person you just overlooked because you weren’t “Seeing it on their resume.” Ask the questions. Unpack the story.

A resume is just a piece of paper. There is a person behind that piece of paper. A candidate who has responses to your questions. They can’t read your mind and edit their resume to include “must haves” which aren’t outlined in your job advertisement.

To be honest, they don’t have to. There are other recruiters out there who will pause for a moment to ask those questions.

The landscape may have changed in recruiting. The candidates are still there. It’s time we changed our methods.

Are you a “Filter” recruiter or a “Detective”?

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