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Employer Loyalty

We have all heard it, “I need my employees to be loyal to me.” It’s a common scenario that managers and employers require 100% loyalty from their employees. But what about their loyalty to their employees? Most of us don’t go into a full-time job thinking, hey, I won’t be loyal to this employee and leave in six months.  Most of us go into the job thinking that we will be there for a long time. Alas, things happen. Markets change, mergers and acquisitions take place and the hard-working employees who gave the company their all are let go. It’s gut wrenching. We think there is something wrong with us. I mean, surely if we were better employees we wouldn’t have been let go, right? No, that is not the case. In a large company, good employees will be let go along with bad ones. It’s a business decision and not a personal one. The thing is, large companies can’t be loyal to all their employees. It’s just not possible. However, a good company shows their colors to their employees during these layoffs. Is it done ethically? Did they give you a chance to read your severance paperwork? Did they offer a severance package? Was it fair? Was there any help for job placement? Did your employer/manager give you a reference that was objective to the work that you did there? These are some of the things that matter to the employees as they are being let go. For the companies it would help to remember that these employees are still worthy, and to not burn the bridge with them. Do the right thing and do it the right way. Make a lifelong follower and be a lifelong follower.

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