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Determining Which Advice is Right For You

If you spend longer than half a second on LinkedIn, you will see it is filled with advice from recruiters and hiring managers. Do this in your job search, do this to get noticed, don’t ever do that, etc. It is everywhere (even this post is giving advice from a recruiter).

Often the tips are very beneficial and can help in your search, but it is important to consider your personal situation before taking a random person’s advice for your career and/or job search. What is beneficial and can work for one person, won’t necessarily work for someone else in a completely different industry.

As an example, I saw a post this week about tips to improve your resume. The tips were about certain fonts to use or not use, a general format to follow (which was a very professional format), and said to not use bullets in the body of the resume. What they were saying definitely made sense but it may not work for someone who is in a more creative industry like design or marketing. Typically when looking for marketing positions, you use your resume to show your ability to grab attention and market yourself as you would market a product, company, or so on.

The tips they were giving may benefit someone in accounting or HR but maybe not someone else. Use this skillset in your approach to entire job search process. Take some time to look at the position you are trying to land and the story you want to tell, and compare that to the millions of resume, interview, and process tips you read.

If what you are reading aligns with your story, then give it a shot. If it doesn’t, spend 30 seconds scrolling and you will come across 3 – 500 other tips that you can give a try.

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