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Cover Letters, are they really necessary?

As a recruiter, both internal and external, I have seen my fair share of cover letters and resumes. In this day and age, are they really necessary?

That depends. A good cover letter can set you apart. A bad cover letter can disqualify you. Where no cover letter can go either way.

What consists of a good cover letter can vary from person to person. But I can tell you what a bad cover letter looks like.

A bad cover letter contains grammatical errors. Yes, you will be judged by it. I get it, you aren’t a literary genius, but you are an adult, you should know how to spell manager or public relations.

It doesn’t tell me why you are a good fit besides your resume.

It doesn’t tell me what skills you have that aren’t listed on your resume.

It does tell me about all the conspiracy theories you believe in. (True Story)

It does tell me that you have no respect for hiring manager or recruiters and think that we are just idiots. (Also true story)

It does tell me way too much personal information. I am sorry you are going through some tough personal times, cover letters really isn’t the place to vent about it.

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