Corporate vs Agency Recruiting

Ever wondered about Recruiting or HR? There seems to be these two factions in this industry. Corporate Recruiter vs Agency Recruiter and they seem to be at odds. In reality they have a lot in common but are quite different and I want to let you know about what they are. Similarities:

  1. They are both usually juggling multiple priorities

  2. They both have difficult managers to deal with

  3. They are usually working more than the 8-5 every day.

  4. They both have to keep up with the market to get the best candidates


  1. Agency Recruiter can help the candidate even if one client doesn’t like the candidate, there might be others.

  2. I have worked in both environments. While there have been slow times and fast times in both sides of the aisles, agency recruiting is usually much faster paced

  3. Most corporate recruiter will lose touch with most candidates once they leave the company they are currently working with.

  4. Agency Recruiters are based on a Base + commission structure or sometimes straight commission. While this has drawbacks, you can make 6 figure money easily.  There is no cap as to how much money you can make.

What do I want your takeaway from this? If you are looking at a career in Recruiting I want you to ask yourself these question. How many people do I want to help? Do I want to be stuck with one corporation and let that be the end all be all? Do I want to keep helping people even if one manager doesn’t like the candidate? And lastly, make sure to ask this question last, How much money do I want to make?

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