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Commandments for Recruiters

If you have been following anywhere on Social Media, you know there are bad recruiters. Just like any other profession, there are “professionals” who give recruiting a bad name. But how to set yourself apart from those who are considered bad recruiters. Here are two lessons that I learnt and am still learning to implement every single day.

  1. Not ghosting your candidate: This is big in the industry. As HR/Recruiter, there are many complaints from candidates that they never heard back after applying or an interview. I know, we are busy. I know we have so many jobs that need to be filled. Even if you can’t call everyone, you at least need to email. Those rejection templates aren’t the best thing to respond with, but they are better than nothing. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Set aside a block of hours every week to follow up with your candidates. I do this every other day but you can set aside a few hours once a week.

  2. Not being up front/honest: If you made a mistake or forgot to call them. Let the candidates know. Apologize. The best way to lose your credibility is by lying. People usually know when they are being lied to. I promise you will build better relationship by owning up to your mistake rather than trying to lie your way to a solution.

Mistakes happen. We forget things. It’s okay. The action that will set you apart from others is how you handle it. If you own your mistake, and apologize, people are more likely to forgive. If you try to spin a web of lies, people will lose their faith in you.

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