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Career Coaches vs Recruiters

If you are in the job market there are a lot of coaches and recruiters out there. It seems there is a surge of coaches out there. Now how do you know who to reach out to and what to be wary of? Career Coaches – They charge you to help you find a job. You are their customer, so their goal is to help you and guide you as much as possible. The prices vary from location and your job level. Their end goal in mind is to provide you value so you can find a job. Recruiters(external) – They charge the company. The employer is the customer. Their job is to find the right fit for the employer. And good recruiters will work with candidates to find a right fit for them. If you are in the market and have a good relationship with a recruiter, you can definitely ask them to market you. More on that topic in this article. Now who should you contact when you are in the job market or thinking of a new job. My advice, reach out to both. A recruiter will help you find a job, but a coach will help you be more visible with your resume on job boards. Both recruiters and coaches will help you with interview preparation. At the end of the day, what do you have to lose by reaching out to as many people who can help you as possible?

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