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Brand Management!

We currently live in a Candidate driven market! What does that mean? This means that there are more jobs than there are qualified candidates. Candidates have all the options and leverage to chose what company they want to work for. Now employers are scrambling to get the cream of the crop candidates for their open positions. The question is how do they entice the best  candidates? The Solution is Employer Brand Management. Companies like Google, and Facebook have paved the path to a good candidate and employee engagement experience. These days with sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and such, it’s hard not to know things about a company’s culture and the way they treat their employees, unless of course you are Jon Snow, then you know nothing. Employers are jumping on this bandwagon trying to entice candidates with benefits like unlimited PTO, work from anywhere and these are just the beginnings of a very long list. If your HR and Marketing leaders haven’t thought about candidate experience and what your companies brand is, there is still time. Like they say better late than never. If you need help, contact me I will help you figure out how to reinvent your brand for potential employees.

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