Funny thing, biases are.  We all have them, yet people expect some professions to completely eliminate theirs. I often hear how recruiters and hiring manager are to keep our biases out of the hiring process. That can’t happen. We are human and we have our biases. Just like candidates have their biases. Our biases makes us human. How do we get these biases? We get them from experiences. Experiences that we went through and the people around us went through. Are these biases good? Or are they bad? That’s tough to say. What are you using your personal biases for? Are you using your personal biases to find flaws that might not be there? Are you fulfilling a self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s weird because job seekers have personal biases too. They don’t want to work with a certain recruiter because this person reminds them of that other person who screwed them over. What to do now since we all have biases? First things first, you have to figure out what your biases are and pin point them. Acknowledge them. List them down if you have to. Second is finding the cause. Why do you have that bias? Is it because something you were taught when you were growing up? or do you have a reason behind it. This step will help you with the elimination. A lot of times our biases stem from our surroundings and teachings. Third would be working on eliminating these biases. How do you do that? That depends on you. You have to make a conscious effort to not let your biases rule your life. If you catch your self saying something that’s lines with your bias, stop right there. And evaluate whether you are judging the scenario on it’s own merits If we implement these steps, then maybe we can be better to each other.

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