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Before you quit!

Deciding to quit is a big decision, especially if you have been at your company for a long time. Sometimes the writing is on the wall, or the things are so bad that you can’t work there anymore. Mental health is important and no job is worth you sleep or peace of mind. Here are some things to think about before you hand in your notice.

  1. Have you had the tough conversation with your boss about you being unhappy? Talking about why you could be unhappy is uncomfortable but might be something that you can resolve.

  2. Are you ready to quit? Is this a fleeting feeling or are you at the last straw?

  3. Have you updated your resume and LinkedIn? When was the last time you touched either of those two things? My suggestion is always to work with a career coach. That investment is well worth it especially when you find the right one.

  4. Do you have a job lined up? If you don’t, do you have back up plans on how you would support yourself during the job search? The average job search takes over six weeks. That’s 3-ish paycheck if you get paid bi-weekly.

  5. Do you know what companies want or need your skill-set? Have you done research? Find out what the demand for your skill-set actually is. If there isn’t much demand, are you willing to relocate?

These all might seem daunting or nerve-wracking but before you go on quitting work on having your ducks in a row not squirrels at a rave.

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