Are you ready to step back?

A VP level candidate applies for a hands-on contributor roles.

Side-glances ensues.

Going back in your career is a thing. I get it, you want to relax. Not be the one calling the shots. You are exhausted with the drama and politics that come with being at that level.

You want to do a job, and be responsible for that. Not for everyone’s health, paycheck, and well-being.

But are you ready for it? Are you prepared for it? It’s a big jump backwards. The adjustment period alone can be exhausting if you haven’t put in the right preparation.

Plus, let’s not forget, you haven’t been hands-on in a while. You might be out of touch with how things are done in a micro level.

That’s like asking Professor Dumbledore to become a good-ole teacher again. Can he do it? Of course, he is the greatest wizard to ever live and if that’s what he really wants to do. But is he going to be happy with someone who doesn’t know as much as he does calling the shots? I mean he did defeat Grindelwald.

If you are stepping back in your career, explain why on your resume. And be prepared for a pay cut.

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