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Addressing the Email Addresses!!

Whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions matter. Not all first impressions, however, are made in person or via verbal communication like we sometimes expect. A common fail I see on a daily basis is when someone applies for a job using an outdated or inappropriate email address. When I say outdated, I’m talking about the Hotmail or Ymail account you opened at 16 years old and have been letting spam accumulate in there for the last 10 years. I probably do 85% of my communications via email and it is not my responsibility to make sure you got my correspondence. If you respond to me a week or two later, apologizing for not seeing my email because you listed the wrong one, I most likely will not have a position open for you.

ALSO- please, please pleeeease do not list an inappropriate email on your application or resume. I do not want to type in “” when I’m trying to speak with you about professional matters. To me (and probably most recruiters), this tells me that you haven’t quite reached the professional level I need you to be at for a career.

It takes approximately 5 minutes (probably less depending on your WPM) to create a professional email. Use Gmail or even Yahoo, they both offer apps to install right on your phone so that you never miss an opportunity. If you’re actively applying for jobs, check your email daily. And please, for the love of all things professional, keep it simple! Your is all you need, throw in a number or two if you really have to.

I feel like we shouldn’t have to address this issue, but I also feel like I shouldn’t have to tell someone NOT to swear in an interview and yet it happens more often than not…so here we are. Happy job hunting!

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